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Patellar Tendonitis


Patellar Tendonitis According to Mayo Clininc


Why is it so hard to diagnose? The general thought regarding diagnosis is that by the time the tendon damage is visible via MRI or other imagining, the damage is significant, requiring far more intense treatment.


Surgery Versus Eccentric Rehab.


Studies have been conducted regarding the rehabilitation of Patellar Tendonitis.


General conclusion is that both are equally as effective. Even after surgery though, rehab is in order.

Choosing the right path for rehabbing your tendon. Generally no one rehab solution is in order. Rather a number of solutions together can help to accelerate healing. An outstanding resource by Martin Koban outlines an extensive program of exercise called the,”The Jumper Knee Treatment Triangle"


Here are a few additional exercises to enhance your rehabilitation process. Watch the video on slant board exercises for patellar tendonitis here:

2 Proven and Powerful Slant Board Exercises for Patellar Tendonitis

The Eccentric Exercise For Treating Patellar Tendonitis

See Brian Patterson's video and learn how to slowly scale yourself up over the course of 3 weeks from just 1 set of 10, to 2 sets of 10, and then 3 sets of 30 per session. It is best to do this in the morning when you wake up, and at night before you go to sleep. The beauty of this is that it is so fast, just a 5 minute session and you are done. 

An opportunity existence to participant in a discussion with fellow rehabbers at

In addition, once you are starting to gain ground on your journey to healthy knees, you may want to consider building strength with Sigfús Víkþörðson’s form of eccentric exercise. Here you will be adding weight to a backpack to help build strength and endurance. View Sigfús Víkþörðson video here.

Remember 2 things.

 A. if you are using the board on a hard surface, first put down a small rug with a rubber back. 

B. always check with your doctor before starting any new therapy.